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Posted | Tags: computer, excited, laptop, new | 7197 Comments

http://www.joffroiholcombe.com/blog/blog/images/macbook.png I am proud to announce that I now have a new Macbook Pro to help me do webdesign work and also be my personal little toy. Its the 2.4 GHZ, 2GB of ram 15.4" A1260 Model, so about a year old. I have actually been shopping for a good used Macbook Pro for about a month and I decided to shop around on craiglist and see what happens. 

Well, overall, I wouldn't recommend craiglist if you are looking for anything electronic.  There are just to many scams out there and people trying to just screw you over.  Deals like "Brand new 17" Macbook Pro" for $950 are fake and will always be fake no matter how convincing any emails might be.  But even after know all this I decided I had to just hope for a good deal just because what I was looking for on ebay was just a little out of my price range. 

Finally, I saw someone post this computer on with a pretty "real" discription.  I emailed the guy and he was willing to accept any payment, let me barter the price down a little, and gave me a place to meet him in a nice neighborhood.  The owner used it for a home company (which I could browse their website to make sure he was a real person) and didn't need this laptop anymore because he was upgrading. 

I went to his house, made sure this laptop was what was described, and was more then happy to complete the transaction.  The computer was actually in better shape then I expected. Just one tiny scratch in the bottom corner, but everything else was flawless.  It came with all the original cords and box.  The only problem I can see is that the battery only last about 2 hours, which is normal for the age its been through.  Don't worry, the seller told me this.

So for all you looking for a new laptop, you can try craiglist if you are trying to look for a better deal, just watch out.