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New Project Released: allrunn.in/g

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I came across a deal one day to be able to by a years long domain registration for $1. I couldn't resist. Since the new "thing" now seems to be able to spell something clever with the domain extension, I started my search to have my very own non-.com.  I quickly found out that the only way to have an .it extension was by living in Italy, and the person who already owned runn.in was asking $4000.

So some time in September I spent $1 of my hard earned cashed and bought http://www.allrunn.in.  This was exciting for me because Movable Type was also releasing beta versions of there newest platform; Movable Type 5.  I started using my new domain to test the new platform and just playing around.  I eventually started building a digg.com style website for running.  I could create post and then anyone could vote them up. The top voted articles that were at least a week young, would make it to the front page. MT 5 also makes it pretty easy to connect via facebook.  I figured out how to make it so people could sign in as their facebook profiles.


In early January, I released it to the public.   I associated a twitter account and began submitting running news.  I quickly started adding more features.  Viewers could create accounts, follow other people's account and also see what individual users were doing on the site.  I also created the feature for anyone to submit their own news.  The site became more and more social. 

The site is still in beta because it has a lot of work that needs to be done.  I still need to design a forum for it and work out about a hundred small kinks.  Fortunately enough, the site is a ton of run.  It's a new project for the nerdy runner in me.